What Is FAITH?

According to the Holy Bible: It is the confident assurance that what we hope for is going to happen. It is the evidence of things we cannot yet see. (Heb. 11:1 NLT).
 Faith is all one needed to make a worthy living.

We can only have victory through our faith because “Faith is the power that overcomes the world”. 1J


Two People; A and B attended the same Church. They have similar challenges in life and needed the divine solution to their challenges.

As it pleases the LORD, He gave the word of knowledge to His servant, revealing the problems of A and provides solution. They both claimed it with faith.

Person ‘A’ went home, relaxed and said, “God has answered my prayer”. Person ‘B’ was so serious about the prophecy, went home and started praying ernestly and fervently to actualise it. Beleiving whole heartedly to give testimony in the next meeting. The God of seeriousness, seeing the faith and action of ‘B’, cause it to happpened.

In the day of the next meeting at the Service; B stood up, walked to the Altar and gave the testimony of that prophecy. Everybody shouted and praised God. B was so exited  by giving the testimony, while ‘A’ went home looking frustrated.

So I say; If you live without FAITH, your living is worthless.


It is also liken to two farmers, believing in God and having faith to have abundance harvest in following season.

They went out, cultivating their crops and plants. 

Farmer A put more efforts by visiting the farm regularly; weeding and stacking of crops time to time to enhance the proper growth of the crops. While farmer B, after weeding and stacking the crops once, relaxed and wait for the harvest.

On the day of the harvest, farmer A, who visited the farm regularly had a bountiful harvest, while farmer B was frustrated by the outcome of the harvest.

Therefore, I say unto you, “Knowing how to make your faith works for you make you a faithful person “.

God’s blessing is not only in material wealth, but in character, manner, etiquette, wisdom and mostly, how to apply them in life.